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  • intelligent energy: intelligent airport links with trillions

    according to the report, recently, listed company fese (600869) has reached several significant achievements in the engineering project of the belt and road intelligent airport: the central substation of angola luanda airport has successful…

  • stay true to the mission and forge ahead—records of maldive

    with the construction of belt road initiative in recent years, china has been deepening its cooperation with maldives in politics, economy and culture. correspondingly, china and the maldives have set up comprehensively friendly cooperative…

  • jinghang airport: power receiving of central substation of an

    gongchang xiao, chairman of jinghang airport: congratulations to the smooth power receiving of central substation at angola luanda new international airport! the project has fully proved jinghang airport employees will inevitably overcome a…

  • jinghang airport: conducted a placement test for all professi

    jinghang airport conducted the first placement test for all examinees registered for engineering management and practice of civil aviation airports on august 9 th in accordance with work plans. regarding organization work, the pre-examinati…

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