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air traffic control engineering

    the air traffic control engineering of civil-aviation airports are divided into four components, including navigation engineering, navigation management engineering, meteorological engineering and communications engineering.
    navigation engineering includes the installation and debugging of ils engineering, vor system and dme. navigational management engineering mainly consists of the vhf system, video-recording system, gps clock system, tower control table system, air traffic control table system, atc interphone system, automatic transit system, satellite communications system, navigation information dynamic information system, gcs system and navigation centralized monitoring system. meteorological engineering generally includes the installation and debugging of the meteorological automatic observation station, artificial meteorological observation station, static satellite cloud image receiving system and automatic map plotting analysis system. communications engineering generally includes the installation and debugging of communications routes, wiring and exchange systems in the airport flight zone and navigational management buildings. the company undertakes the atc engineering of civil-aviation airports and the communications navigation engineering of air force. its business is concentrated in south china, east china, xinjiang, southwest china and africa. the typical projects accomplished by the company for civil-aviation airports include the atc engineering of erdos airport, erenhot airport, bayannur tianjitai airport, zhangjiakou airport, kuqa airport, datong airport and huangping airport. these projects all received good praise from proprietors, calibration flight institutions and management institutions. in particular, the engineering quality, installation techniques and technical indicators of atc engineering in xinjiang kuqa airport all reached a high level, winning unanimous praise from xinjiang administration of china aviation administration of china, xinjiang airport group co., ltd and local governments. the airport was given the silk banner that reads “exquisite techniques and excellent quality” as a sign of praise and encouragement.