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    electromechanical equipment installation engineering and visual navigation aid engineering are indivisible in airport construction. the airport engineering undertaken by the company basically includes the installation and construction of high-voltage and low-voltage power systems under 10 kv (including 10 kv). the installation and construction of transformer substations accentuate the work style of carefulness, exquisiteness and high standards. ever since its first installation and construction of lighting substation on the runaways in pudong international airport, the company enjoyed a leading quality in the construction of lighting substations for domestic airports. as time passes, the company keeps making improvement in each project and set up new and higher standards. insisting on combining practicability and aesthetics, the company accentuates maintainability and aesthetics. all of its projects are promoted by local headquarters as models, whether they are super-large lighting substation projects in pudong international airport or light substation reconstruction engineering of small and medium-sized airports in east china, north china, xinjiang and central south china.