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terminal light-current system and airport enclosure security & protection system engineering

    the terminal light-current system engineering mainly includes the computer (surface) informational management system and system integration, (computer) departure system, flight information dynamic display and check-in guidance system, passenger inquiry system, airport berth guidance system, clock system, radio system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, baggage handling system, pds system, building automation system, internal communications system, safety examination and information management system, catv, exit and entrance control system (entrance guard system), crane span structure, power supply and ground-connection subsystem. the airport enclosure security & protection system consists of invasion alarm, lighting, monitoring, radio and other subsystems. to enhance the tracking, management and software development & application of aviation engineering, the company has set up the department of light-current business, recruited vast talents and enhanced the communications with design and industrial experts to learn from industrial experience. the hardware selected by the company accentuates reliability, stability and maintenance. conversely, software development attaches importance to individualized demands and good human-machine interactions. its system platform is characterized with high expansibility. such infrastructure forms a corporate culture with distinctive characteristics. the engineering undertaken by the company are mainly distributed in north china, east china, central south china, xinjiang and southwest china. apart from large terminal light-current systems and airport enclosure safety & protection engineering, the company also contracts terminal light-current systems of a common scale, including setting up the light-current system in constructed terminals and updating the light-current system in reconstructed or expanded terminals. with stable operation, considerate services and timeliness, completed projects have received general good praise.