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overseas engineering

    overseas engineering mainly consists of the visual navigation aids engineering, atc engineering, terminal light-current system engineering, electromechanical equipment installation engineering, the import and export of equipment materials needed by the above-mentioned engineering and labor output business.

    the company put forward the operation strategy of “setting foot in china and developing overseas” in 2011 and signed the contract of visual navigation aid lighting engineering with congo lubumbashi international airport for the first time. the projects under construction include the phase i visual navigation aids light project of new angola international airport and the visual navigation aids lighting project of phinda airport. the airport also participated in the pre-phase preparation for the in-depth drawing design of visual navigation aid lighting, atc and terminal light-current system of airports in africa, east europe and other countries. thanks to its practice, the company has accumulated successful construction experience in overseas airport engineering and has the capacity of comprehensively undertaking installation and construction of navigation aid lighting, atc, terminal light-current system and electromechanical installation engineering.