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stay true to the mission and forge ahead—records of maldives project department, jinghang airport

        with the construction of belt & road initiative in recent years, china has been deepening its cooperation with maldives in politics, economy and culture. correspondingly, china and the maldives have set up comprehensively friendly cooperative partnership oriented towards the future, bringing sino-maldivian relations onto the track of rapid development. seizing this golden historical opportunity, jinghang airport takes a leading status on the path of implementing “joint discussion, co-construction and sharing”.
        how the employees of the maldives project department, jinghang airport interprets the work style of “carefulness, meticulousness and high standards” and the corporate spirit of “honesty, dedication, innovation and bravery of being the first” with concrete actions? what power and spirit drive them to stay true to the mission and forge ahead?
        despite a tight schedule, arduous tasks and extreme weather, all employees in the maldives project department represented an indomitable spirit, which deeply touched me.
all personnel worked hard and raced against time on the construction site to achieve the node objective of lighting on august 31st. in spite of scorching sun or a rain storm, none stopped to rest and were devoted to construction.
it was also on the construction site that these personnel worked day and time for seven days a week to accomplish tasks. except necessary rest, all personnel were racing against time.
on the construction site, everyone in the project department worked with unity and cohesion, trying to keep up with the schedule.
to carry out subsequent work smoothly, all personnel were dripping with sweat on the construction site without suspending flight. with indomitable perseverance, the department eventually accomplished the task of laying pipes for three linking taxiways within one night.
        all these achievements are indispensable with the excellent management modes and mechanism of the project department. regarding the division of labor, every team assigned clear and quantifiable tasks for every person, while the project department was in charge of overall coordination. in this way, construction was conducted as scheduled.
        regarding the use of personnel, departmental leaders follow the principle of “there is no useless soldier but only an incapable general”. apart from fully excavating the potential of all personnel, departmental leaders are good at finding the strengths of all personnel and avoiding their short comings. hence leaders always place the right person on the right position. in this way, everyone in the construction team was selected through well-though adjustment and arrangement.
        to raise employees’ initiative, the maldives project department has been giving rewards and punishments in strict accordance to rules, ensuring everyone gets what they deserve. in addition, the department organized employees to sign on a mobilization order and introduced the importance of “lighting on august 31st” as a political task at the national level, wishing everyone to focus on the grand situation and race against time.
        knowing that employees were homesick for being away from home, the project department concentrated its efforts on humane care and thought of numerous ideas to cheer them up. for instance, the department recorded the birthdays of everyone and arranged the cafeteria to cook a hot bowl of longevity noodles for people whose birthday arrived. though it was an insignificant matter, this bowl of noodles successfully warmed employees’ hearts in the remote foreign country.
        the “go global” strategy of chinese enterprises not only advocates bringing products and construction engineering to overseas markets, but also ensures chinese standards, norms and certification system win affirmation and achieve internationalization. thanks to the hard efforts of these employees, jinghang airport has built an excellent corporate image and represented powerful strength in constructing chinese construction team, laying a solid foundation for deepening belt & road initiative in maldives.
        what spirit and power drive them to stay true to the mission and forge ahead? i think i’ve found the answer: it is the spirit of being brave to shoulder responsibilities and fearing no hard work; the military style of forging ahead and being perseverant; the spirit of neglecting individual interests for the sake of spreading the reputation of china. these are their original missions and what they insist on.