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jinghang airport: conducted a placement test for all professional personnel participating in construction-i civil aviation

          jinghang airport conducted the first placement test for all examinees registered for engineering management and practice of civil aviation airports on august 9th in accordance with work plans. regarding organization work, the pre-examination work leadership group exquisitely formulated an examination paper and arranged examination site and time reasonably, preparing for orderly test work.
         all personnel taking the examination answered on a paper sheet. the pre-examination work leadership group handed out examination papers to examinees and supervised them at corporation organs examination site. in addition, the electronic examination paper was uploaded to the wechat group, downloaded and printed by relevant personnel for the examinees in xinjiang subsidiary, shanghai airport project department, qingdao airport project department and capital airport project department.
         the examination was essentially a placement test aiming to find employees’ study conditions. examination results were taken as reference for subsequent work arrangements. all units paid a high emphasis over this placement test and was strict with examination disciplines to ensure the examination was rigorous.