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intelligent energy: intelligent airport links with trillions of flights and intelligent power prompts the “belt and road”

        according to the report, recently, listed company fese (600869) has reached several significant achievements in the engineering project of the "belt and road" intelligent airport: the central substation of angola luanda airport has successfully received the power; the engineering project of the airport in maldives has completed the lighting of the new track on time; these two key projects have further contributed to the "belt and road" infrastructure engineering project of china. besides, the company reveals that it has successfully become the contractor of the intelligent airport project situated in vanuatu--"maritime silk road of the 21st century" and zambia, the pearl of africa. at present, fese (600869), targeted at "becoming the global leading service provider of intelligent energy and intelligent cities", has invested a lot in the construction of the "belt and road" project, propelling the "belt and road "transport in the first place aided by its leading ability in the construction of airport power supply, enhancing the construction of infrastructure of the "belt and road" interconnected transport. 
        based on the target of "planning of domestic airports for civil transport" by ndrc, by 2025, it's planned to construct 136 new airport projects, 370 new projects of domestic air carrier airport for civil use (320 to be completed estimatedly), based on the present (including ones under construction) infrastructure of the airport, forming 3 world-class airfield complexes, 10 international hubs, and 29 regional hubs. the average annual growth rate of airport construction will not be lower than 10.8% and the economic scale of general aviation will exceed a trillion yuan. furthermore, recently, ndrc and caac co-release an official document to advance the planning and construction of general aviation. cities that hold over 1 million population are likely to be equipped with a general airport. the construction of general airport will become a key to the construction of china's infrastructure. in addition, the "belt and road" also regards the construction of the airport as the important infrastructure in the earlier period and promote the engineering. currently, our country has signed a bilateral agreement on aviation transport with 62 countries related to the "belt and road" initiation that is expanding the range and developing lengthways, while the construction of key infrastructure will also accelerate such as the airport.
        in order to focus on the infrastructure of general aviation industry of trillions of economic value and greatly support the infrastructure construction of the "belt and road" airport, fese (600869) acquired 49% of equity of beijing jinghangan airport engineering co., ltd. in the first half this year and realized 100% holding of jinghangan. jinghangan, oriented as a global leading intelligent airport service provider, qualified as class 1 contractor for airport navigational visual aid professional engineering and class 1 contractor for civil aviation air control engineering and elv engineering, has constructed over 500 projects of over 100 domestic and foreign military and civil airports as the contractor. also as the leading force of the "belt and road" national airport construction, jinghangan has participated in the navigational visual aid lighting, air control, elv of the airport terminal, installation of electromechanical devices and the operation of the airport for beijing daxing international airport, pokhara airport, luanda airport, velana international airport and ndola airport. with rich experience in constructing domestic and foreign engineering projects and strong technological power, jinghangan is capable of providing one-stop intelligent energy and intelligent cities solutions. fese (600869) will act as a key role in the "belt and road" construction of infrastructure, supported by jinghangan, fully contributing to the realization of the national strategy.
        since jinghangan was acquired by fese (600869) in 2017, it has realized a positive synergistic effect through the internal market resource platform and rapid growth of performances. in the first half this year, jinghangan posted revenue of 361 million yuan with a year-on-year increase of 31.13% and fully boosted the construction of qingdao-jiaodong international airport, beijing capital international airport, and roberts international airport. currently, the company has received orders worth of 1.8 billion yuan. it's estimated that the net margin will continue to grow in the future. jinghangan has made a commitment for fese (600869) that the net profit in 2018-2020 will reach no less than respectively 143 million yuan, 171.6 million yuan and 205.92 million yuan.
        at present, fese (600869) has become a leading intelligent manufacturer in the power industry, centered on the intelligent manufacture of wires and electricity products, ncm and providing industrial professional solutions. having benefited from the national transformation and upgrading and the developing opportunity of the "belt and road" initiation, in the first half this year, fese (600869) fully exploited the advantages of the leading position, the brand and quality and realized increase in both the revenue and the net profit, including the revenue of 8.167 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 3.76%, net profit of the parent company of 222 million yuan with a year-on-year growth of 106.42%, and the net profit of 180 million yuan after the deduction of non-recurring profit and loss with a year-on-year growth of 117.95%.
        in the future, it's estimated that the construction of general aviation infrastructure will continue to boost the sustained development of fese (600869), which is beneficial to giving full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain, accelerating the collaborated selling of intelligent electrical appliances, stored energy and distributed energy businesses, and opening up a wider space for the market growth. in the meanwhile, it's also beneficial to fese (600869) to realize the target formulated earlier this year, namely the revenue of 20 billion yuan and net profit of over 600 million yuan, improvements of its "global leading intelligent energy and intelligent cities service provider strategy".