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beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd was set up in 2002 and its predecessor was a military-run enterprise affiliated to the air force of the beijing military region. it joined in far east smarter energy co., ltd and became an a-share listing company in 2017.
the company is among the first batch of units granted with the license of airport construction by civil aviation administration of china. it is a prestigious enterprise in the specialized construction of military-civilian airports field and a supplier providing solutions to smart airport systems.
the company has class-i professional qualifications for contracting visual navigation aids engineering, class-i professional qualifications for contracting civil navigation atc and light-current system engineering, class-ii professional qualifications for contracting airport runway engineering, construction machinery installation engineering, airport runaway engineering and electronic & intelligent engineering. the company is one of four units with class-i professional qualifications for contracting airport visual aids navigation engineering and civil navigation air control engineering & airport light-current system. the company has obtained the qualifications for quality management system, environment management system, professional health security system and hi-tech enterprises. it is a class aaa credit enterprise.
the company currently has over 300 professional technical personnel, including registered architects, registered cost engineer, senior engineers and engineers. with advanced construction machinery and matching devices including instruments and apparatus, the company has powerful capacities of making in-depth designs, technical research and technique innovations. in addition, it has rich experience and technical strengths in organizing engineering construction in airports with 4f-flight zones and in no-suspension conditions.
the company has been implementing the operation concept of “being an honest enterprise and creating quality engineering” ever since its establishment. upholding the quality guideline of “client satisfaction, continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence”, the company insists on the work style of “carefulness, meticulousness and high standards” and promotes the corporate spirit of “honesty, dedication, innovation and bravery of being the best”. it is focused on airport engineering and works hard to create jinghang airport brand featured with “normalized operation management, meticulous construction techniques and leading technical strengths”, winning widespread acclaim from vast clients.
ever since its establishment, beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd has undertaken over 500 engineering from about 120 military—civilian airports. thanks to its excellent services, the company has won numerous honorary titles, including luban prize for construction engineering in china, silver prize for national excellent engineering, gold prize for municipal engineering in china, gold prize for municipal engineering, yangzi cup and jinling cup. looking forward to its future development, the company will continue working hard centered on the corporate objective of forming “competitive market, cohesive thinking, executive work and industrial influences”. it will remain committed to its original intention, strive ahead and keep improving corporate competiveness to achieve sustainable development in fierce market competition. the company is dedicated to being a world-leading supplier of intelligent airport services.