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terminal light-current project and visual navigation aid lighting project of beidaihe airport in qinhuangdao.

        the equipment department of beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd organized and held meeting on comparing and selecting equipment for visual navigation aid lighting project of qinghuangdao beidaihe airport on march 17th and 18th 2013 in accordance with opinions on methods for procuring materials and equipment with provisional valuation for partial sections of beidaihe airport project. the meeting was attended by experts of the comparison and selection committee, supervision group, organizing units and representatives of participatory units. all attendees signed and handed in selection documents. the committee announced rules for comparison and selection, organized bid opening and announced bids. through joint discussions, experts selected and clarified selected manufacturers in accordance with fixed procedures. evaluated by the expert committee and affirmed by the supervision team, selected units and relevant prices were determined, reaching the anticipated aims of this comparison and selection activity.