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nanjing lukou airport project department organized a mobilization meeting

        the mobilization meeting for no. 1 bid section of terminal light-current system and no. 2 bid section of visual navigation aid lighting project of nanjing lukou airport was held in huanxi village, lukou town, nanjing city. it was attended by corporate leaders, representatives of cooperation units and all personnel of the project department. the meeting was chaired by yin zhang, vice general manager of the company. hongfu yin, manager of the project department of nanjing airport, made a speech to mobilize all employees. the representatives of terminal light-current system engineering, apron lighting engineering and professional construction team made a speech respectively.

        vice general manager and general manager of nanjing airport electromechanical equipment company made a speech respectively
        lastly, general engineer yu hu put forward clear requirements on the quality, schedule, security, management and benefits of engineering construction centered on the theme of “creating model projects for nanjiang airport with high starting point, high standards and high quality. the meeting further unified thinking, improved understanding, strengthened convictions and encouraged employees’ morale, laying a foundation for smoothly completing the engineering construction of nanjiang airport.