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ceo xiao investigated airport project of tanzania and kenya airport project

        accompanied by general manager bin xiao and jianlong zhang, manager of angola luanda airport project department, ceo gongchang xiao investigated the civil aviation airport business of tanzania and kenya.
        the ceo and other personnel first attended a symposium with bingjian geng, general manager of beijing construction international company, to be briefed about the development of civil aviation airports in tanzania. both parties exchanged about the cooperation prospect of constructing civil aviation airports. subsequently, ceo visited tanzania mwanza airport at the company of general manager bingjian geng to investigate the construction site of airport expansion and know airport construction.
        ceo and relevant personnel visited the construction site of kenya kenyatta international airport on november 23rd 2013 and had communications and discussions with jianxun xiao, manager of china aviation technology international engineering co., ltd, about subsequent work.