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welcome the visit of malaysian armourseal company

        ceo mr. ng and general manager willson of malaysian armourseal company visited beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd on april 6th 2016.
        founded in 1986, armourseal company is an influential company in southeast asia specialized in installing visual navigation aid lighting project. it undertook the visual navigation lighting construction project of malaysian kuala lumpur international airport and brunei international airport.
        personnel from armourseal company visited the new runway visual navigation aid lighting project of zhengzhou airport undertaken by jinghang airport and spoke highly of the installation techniques and quality of jinghang airport company.
        in this visit, both parties communicated with each other about respective application of construction experience and international norms in different regions, which laid a good foundation for the cooperation between jinghang airport engineering company and malaysian armourseal company in the civil aviation airport of southeast asia.