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jinghang airport and les information zambia airport project signed a contract: displaying creativity of china to the world

    beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd (abbreviated to jinghang airport), a company affiliated to far east smarter energy co., ltd (abbreviated to smarter energy; stock code: 600869) and nanjing les information technology co., ltd ( les information) zambia ndola international airport atc engineering project held a contract-signing ceremony on november 6th. according to this framework agreement of strategic cooperation, both parties will complement each other’s advantages through strong alliance and jointly promote the sustainable development of each other in civil aviation field, so as to represent the leapfrog development of chinese atc technology and the emergence of chinese creation power.

jinghang airport signed a project contract with les information zambia airport

    the signing ceremony was attended by meizhen zhou, vice president of cetc group no. 28 institution (cetc no. 28 institution), li cao, special assistant of the president, zhigang wang, general manager of les information, mingwei zhang, vice general manager, yuhua xi, vice technological general director, gongchang xiao, ceo of jinghang airport, bin xiao, vice general manager, haiping chen, investor, general senior director of smarter energy and general manager assistant of far east cable and hua xv, investor, director assistant of smarter energy market and general director of far east cable market.


zhigang wang made a speech at the symposium

     zhigang wang introduced at the symposium: “les information is one of hi-tech backbone enterprises affiliated to cetc no. 28 institution. as a primary r&d institution in charge of nationalizing chinese civil aviation atc system, les information has been dedicated to studying atc informational technology and developing new products for cetc since the 1970s. it provides quality and safe atc operation management for caac and offers a series of atc products and a complete set of technological solutions. its market shares of domestic air traffic system rank first in china. in addition, the company is actively dedicated to the internationalized path, winning widespread affirmation from the industry.

gongchang xiao made a speech at the symposium

    gongchang xiao stated: “les information cooperates with jinghang airport based on common values and the vision for future joint development. it is believed subsequent cooperation will be smoother”. xiao mentioned three strategic changes after jinghang airport joined smarter energy: change from airport professional contracting to airport general contracting; change from foreign airport sub-contracting to independent contracting of foreign airports; change from airport engineering construction to a whole industrial-chain smart airport supplier that provides product manufacturing, engineering construction and operation management. jinghang airport and smarter energy looks forward to working with les information and cetc no. 28 institution regarding the in-depth cooperation in smart city and smart transportation.

meizhen zhou made a speech at the symposium

   meizhen zhou mentioned in the speech: “closely centered on the requirements placed by the 19th national congress of the communist party of china, cetc no. 28 institution has expanded the market and pursued development following the transition thinking of military-civilian integrated medium-to-high-end technological equipment manufacturing enterprise based on military projects. regarding civilian product industries, cetc has formed a strategic pattern of diversified development centered on atc management, smart transportation, communications for commanding, electronic political affairs and shelter & special vehicles. cetc no. 28 institution will seek more opportunities for cooperating with smarter energy regarding the construction of smart cities and smart traffic.

visit les information atc display center

      les information is one of hi-tech backbone enterprises affiliated to china electronics technology group corporation (a centrally-administered soe supervised by sasac). the company is positioned as a domestic first-class information system integration supplier and service supplier. it has constructed four business modes, including civil aviation atc, smart transportation, emergency guidance and software & information services. upholding the mission of “providing informational products and serving digitalized society”, les information actively implements social responsibilities and has undertaken several major guarantee tasks and activities. the products developed by the company played an important role in guaranteeing the safety protection of national activities, including beijing olympic games, the ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the p. r. c, the shanghai expo and guangzhou asian games. in addition, the company provided all-rounded technological guarantee to emergency guidance, satellite communications and meteorological monitoring.