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huai’an airport phase ii runway extension project co-constructed by jinghang airport was officially put into operation

       at 6:50 a.m. on april 26th 2018, loong air gj8751 flight landed on huai’an airport in safety, marking the phase ii flight zone extension project of huaian airport was officially completed and put into operation.
        the phase-ii flight zone extension project of huai’an airport included extending the runway from 2,400 m to 2,800 m, adding 11 new aprons for passenger planes, constructing new connection channels and other matching projects. due to non-suspension construction, only 2,250 meters of the runway could be used in construction.
       to extend the operation runway from 2,250 m into 2,800 m, huai’an airport and all construction units dispatched over 40 vehicles and 100 personnel into the operation zone from the ending of nightly flight at 23:00 on april 25th to adjust and update the surface signs and lines, visual navigation aid lighting system and navigation facilities in accordance with the construction plan. jiangsu supervision bureau of caac dispatched personnel to examine and guide on the site. through six hours’ continuous work, the acceptance group examined the project and affirmed it was suitable for flight at 5:00 a.m. on april 26th, officially declaring the 2,800-m runway, newly constructed aprons and one connection channel were put into operation.
       the runway extension project of huai’an airport experienced three runway operation shifts from construction to operation in accordance with the construction procedures of civil aviation engineering. when the 2,800-meter runway is officially put into operation, it meets the landing requirements of a321 and b737-800 and is capable of opening all navigation lines in china, including urumqi. it will effectively lower the safety risks and operation pressure brought by a short runway and deficient aprons. in addition, it will substantially improve the transport guarantee capacity and safety service level of huai’an airport, better serve local economic development and meet tourists’ demands for convenient traveling.