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zambia ndola lighting project department of jinghang airport: paid attention to safety protection education and placed safety first in construction

        zambia ndola lighting project conducted safety protection education for chinese and local employees in morning sessions and imparted the spirit of safety management in management department of avic. it aimed to fully mobilize all employees’ initiative and enthusiasm. centered on quality innovation and optimization and based on construction safety, the department takes management as the means and scientific innovation as the impetus for achieving the objective of construction safety, quality, environmental protection and harmony. it insists on meticulous construction and strict management to construct exquisite projects.
        zhenzhong yang, manager of zambia ndola lighting project, organized all chinese employees to attend a themed conference on safety education in the evening and guided them to carefully study the spirit of rules on construction competition month activity. in addition, yang introduced the contents of evaluation table of construction competition month combining with project reality. moreover, the department implements the principle of “safety first, prevention orientation and comprehensive governance” in construction: apart from improving safety production and the capacity of managing civilized construction, the department works hard to prevent unsafe factors and ensure all employees are safe and healthy.