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jinghang airport attaches importance to preventing termites in construction

termite is an insect that has lived on the earth for 250 million years. the fore-wings and hind wings of winged adults are nearly of the same length and longer than the body. worker termites and soldier termites are mostly light white or grayish white, with nearly the same width between their abdomens and thoraxes. due to degenerated and photophobic eyes, termites generally have convert activities: termites eat wood fiber and do not store food. termites undergo incomplete metamorphosis. conversely, ants have only lived on the earth for 60 million years. the forewings of winged adult ants are longer than their hind wings. ants are mostly yellow, brown, black or tangerine, with a significant thin waist line between the thorax and abdomen. ants are not photophobic and mostly take activities in open space. ants are mostly carnivores or omnivores with the habit of storing food and undergo complete metamorphosis. in years’ construction, jinghang airport employees have been fully aware of the harm caused by termites to engineering quality and thus attached high importance to preventing and controlling termites. with rich experience in prevention and control, jinghang airport adopts the following preventive measures: (1) on-site processing: namely cutting off the food for termites on the site, which indirectly eliminates termites and lowers the possibility for termites to survive; (2) preventive processing of termites on the wall footing, lawns and soils. if termites are found in newly constructed houses, they should be entirely processed, including killing termites in the foundation with physical methods and chemicals. (3) pre-processing of timber structures: processing timber structures aims to cut off the water source for termites and avoid direct harm from termites. in addition, it lengthens the service life of timber structures. the pre-processing of timber structures includes painting and soaking timber structures with relevant chemicals or placing them at the environment of over 60 degrees celsius. (4) when decorating the home, all home decoration materials should undergo pre-processing to avoid bringing termites indoors. the specific pre-processing methods of home decoration materials are similar to those of timber structures. (5) the indoor and outdoor environment should be clean: all sundries should be orderly placed indoors, leaving no waste to attract termites. in particular, wooden wastes, papers and scraps of old clothing should be avoided.