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visual navigation aid lighting engineering operation & maintenance center of jinghang airport held a seminar on plan for constructing a management system for flight zone of beijing daxin

         beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd organized and held a seminar on plan for constructing a management system for visual navigation aid lighting maintenance and training center at beijing daxing international airport on july 28th. the experts specialized in the construction, design and operation management of visual navigation aid lighting system listened to the introductions of project construction unit and visited the light station, runways, maintenance centers and terminals of beijing daxing international airport. through full discussions at the seminar, experts unanimously believed the construction plan had advanced design concepts, a reasonably module setting and high level of intelligence. it is capable of storing, maintaining and testing the equipment materials of visual navigational light materials, ensuring meticulous management. this construction plan is the first to be implemented in the visual navigation aid lighting for civil aviation. it not only meets the maintenance requirements on visual navigation aid lighting system of beijing daxing international airport, but also plays an exemplary role.