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jinghang airport employees addressed on army day: forever comrades-in-arms and forever soldiers


         years have passed since i left the army and my memories of the troops have been vague. we have been old or maybe you are already a millionaire; or you have been an officer with a rewarding pay; or maybe you are still a commoner…what remains unchanged is: we will be comrades-in-arms forever. now i would like to ask you a question—are you still ok, comrade-in-arm? i sincerely wish happiness and safety to all comrades-in-arms who wore the military uniforms across the world!

         years in the military troops had indeed changed us profoundly and taught us the meanings of perseverance, cherishing, friendship and life. we can hardly forget such valuable friendship for the rest of our life. now my heart is welled up with mixed feelings, as if i we were brought back to the unforgettable years by history. some went past the life and practice in the trench; some went past the test of life and death.

         comrades-in-arms are friends made at critical moments of life and death. the sound of bulge never tires our ears and military songs are sung in eternity. wearing military uniforms that never fade, we never regret our life in the military troops. despite rain and win, the military banner is static and the military soul remains unchanged. as the army day approaches, i wish happiness, health, smooth work and a harmonious family to everyone! may everything go well with you!