jinghang an [qingdao jiaozhou airport project department]: real hard work, practical, innovative, outstanding achievements.-凯发k8国际娱乐官网入口

jinghang an [qingdao jiaozhou airport project department]: real hard work, practical, innovative, outstanding achievements.


qingdao jiaozhou airport project department, through the scientific arrangement of the project department, careful planning, strict organization, and teamwork, the progress of lighting and communication engineering has been achieved, production efficiency has attained gratifying results, and annual safety quality goal of no accident, civilized construction and safe production achieved.

 manage safety and adhere to normalization. in the work of safety production management, the project department persisted on normalizing safety management, by setting up a special safety team, led by the project manager, and appointed persons to be responsible for the specific tasks, such as deployment of two full-time security officers to ensure that chances of serious security incidences are contained; first, do a good job in safety knowledge publicity and awareness couching, and identify potential hazards and rectify them in time; second, clarify the goal of safety production responsibility, "persons in charge and responsibility", and strive to achieve safety throughout the process; third, establish a sound safety organization, and implement safety production system at all levels, and sign a safety guarantee; fourth is to establish various safety production systems with clear rewards and punishments, and conduct regular inspections and evaluations.


strictly control construction quality and adhere to the quality first. the project department has carefully formulated a network diagram of the quality management assurance system, implemented a quality assurance measures plan, and assigned target levels responsibility to team operators. the main objectives to be achieved include: first, improve the quality management organization, strictly implement the three-level inspection system of the project department (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection); second, develop a scientific and reasonable construction plan, strictly in accordance with the design drawings and harmonize construction standard, and actively promote the application of new materials and new processes; third, strengthen the quality awareness, conduct preconstruction safety  technical guidance and training to the target group; fourth is to strengthen the entry of raw materials inspection and control to prevent substandard materials from entering the site; fifth, be equipped with good mechanical equipment to meet construction needs; sixth, the project department will lead the construction site to implement duty rotation system, strengthen on-site construction quality control process, and ensure that every step of construction is complete and nothing has been left out, to lay a solid foundation for subsequent works.


maintain safety, quality and civilized construction, and the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic. since the beginning of this year, qingdao jiaozhou airport construction project has entered a critical stage of construction year. in accordance with the requirements of the “high standard, high quality, high starting point” civilized construction by the headquarters, we adhere to the spirit of being realistic and pragmatic, and conscientiously organize and arrange all work in place. during inspection by civil aviation quality supervision and construction safety governance, all related project activities of organization, development and safety management, have been assured financial support.

carry out construction process innovation to improve construction quality and efficiency. the project department strongly advocates improvement and innovation of construction technology, efficiency, and project quality. the following innovations have been completed: 1. light fixture positioning plate; 2. reserved light position drilling core isolation layer; 3. runway shoulder deep can installation drilling machine; 3. multi-function light position drilling machine; 4. the installation of inset light bases employs new technology of expansive cement material; 5. hydraulic automatic control device for bending secondary pipes. the above-mentioned technological innovation projects have shown significant advantages in construction, reduced difficulty of labor, saved costs, and produces significant results, and some of them have applied for national patents..


joint management, coordinated operation, multi-project construction in the same place, to exercise the comprehensive quality and professional ability of employees. the project department carefully organized and mobilized some workers with strong business ability and management level to concurrently undertake multi-project construction tasks, which not only solved the staff shortage, but also practice business skills. maintain constant coordination with the headquarters, consultants, budgeting department, design institute, airport construction departments, and other contractors within the same project, and be responsible for the project and its successful completion.