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how does jinghang’an build its outstanding team? an introduction of maldives project department

to jinghang’an, february 14 is a day worth celebration, not because it is the valentine’s day, but because jinghang’an maldives project team is rated as the “top 10 outstanding teams of the far east holding group.”

in the early 2018, jinghang’an maldives project department pinpointed in the form of completion of “military order” that completion of lights for newly-built runways, introduction of the communication and navigation meter landing system for taking-off, completion of lighting for the east airport ramp and west ramp (phase 1) of maldives airport as the annual construction task.

in february, the onsite construction had been fully started. in may, however, the main contractor required the construction period to be shortened by four months according to the project owner’s demand. in other words, maldives project department should ensure “taking-off conditions for newly-built runways on august 31,” a political schedule objective of this project.

after receiving the notice, maldives project department immediately made adjustments to onsite construction, and clarified “finishing lighting-up for the newly-built runway lights and the navigation and communication meter landing system installation and debugging on august 31” as a periodical goal. based on the periodical goal, the project department analyzed unfavorable conditions and uncertain factors of the construction site, and focused on confirming design drawings, approving equipment material acceptance, reviewing specialized construction plans, supervising and coordinating the turnkey project’s acceleration of plan approval. meanwhile, all relevant staff were organized to the construction site for working overtime.


during the construction process, multiparty coordination, including with the project owner and the main contractor, was arranged to ensure efficient “factory acceptance” of main equipment materials for this project. in total, 13 indexes of three batches of main equipment materials passed the “factory acceptance,” which ensured introduction of quality materials to the construction site. besides, three trainings related to equipment and system were organized in two batches to dispel the overseas project owner’s subconscious prejudice against and apprehensions about the reliability of domestic equipment materials. affected by external barriers, such as airport migration and pipeline transfer, the project department was faced with more pressure in finishing the construction project in time and satisfactorily. when there were just around three months left, the project department repeatedly discussed methods to ensure timely completion of the annual task, and studied and formulated a specific plan to accomplish the “lighting-up on august 31” under the current conditions. concerning the problems, such as inadequate time for delivery of customized well rings and covers, and impossibility for one cable conduit well to realize lighting-up of navigation lights within five months, the project department actively sought breakthroughs from the construction plan, finally succeeding in addressing the critical restriction of lighting-up with one cable conduit well, and laying a solid foundation for the follow-up schedule.


the navigation lighting project for newly-built runways suffered from the heavy precipitation in june. the construction site was in a harsh condition of “raining and water-logging.” (maldives airport is built on the foundation, which filled up the ocean with coral sands, and its elevation from the center of the runway surface can reach as high as 1.8m.) this caused huge inconvenience for the pipeline well construction. in spite of that, the project department endeavored to overcome all difficulties and worked together to basically accomplish lighting-up of the external site on august 20, excluding that the convertible tower and poles for the approaching light did not enter the construction site for installation. the periodical achievement created a favorable basic condition for realization of the lighting-up goal on august 31. on august 30, there were just 24 hours left for the lighting-up. the convertible poles and tower finally arrived at the construction site, and the project department organized the final “sprint” towards the goal. through continuous and efficient organization of installation and debugging, all the installation and debugging was finished four hours before the formal lighting-up. the lighting-up on august 31 was successful in the first try, winning a high acclaim from the project owner, supervisor and main contractor.


airport ramp lighting project was organized during the local rainy season, september. the ramp pole light, reinforcement well and pipeline required deep excavation. besides, the underground water level was high and the precipitation was heavy. all these added particular difficulties to the construction process, but these difficulties did not flinch the project department, which actively organized construction as usual. by the end of the summary date, the annual goal had been accomplished by a large part. by the end of 2018, the goal set by the project department had been basically completed.

jinghang’an maldives project department always sticks to the working style of “carefulness, detail-orientation, and high standard” for its processing, installation and debugging. adhering to the company’s requirement of “carrying forward the spirit of workmanship, aiming at the germany technology, and creating the quality projects,” it pursues perfection and meticulousness of details, and strives to giving a satisfactory solution plan for the owner, supervisor and designer. the performance of maldives project department has fully demonstrated the operational concepts of jinghang’an to “be a honest enterprise creating quality projects” and to establish a favorable corporate image for jinghang’an.