jinghang airport won national luban prize—highest award of construction engineering quality in china p12-凯发k8国际娱乐官网入口

jinghang airport won national luban prize—highest award of construction engineering quality in china p12

china construction industry association published the list of companies winning the luban prize for construction project 2016~2017 (national quality project). beijing jinghang airport engineering co., ltd (abbreviated to jinghang airport), a company affiliated to far east smarter energy co., ltd (abbreviated to smarter energy; stock code: 600869), was on the list!


this luban prize was publicized twice and 238 projects were selected as winners of luban prize. through election, t2 terminal of phase ii project of nanjing lukou international airport won luban prize for construction project of china (national quality project).


jinghang airport mainly participated in constructing the light-current system project of phase ii t2 terminal project of nanjing lukou international airport, including pds system, computer room integration project, functional center project, cable tv system, security information system and departure system. the company provided whole-process and whole-cycle smart services, including the in-depth design of construction drawings, the designing modes of construction materials, manufacturing, factory examination, transportation, warehousing, installation, examination, debugging and preliminary test, trial operation, training, final acceptance and post-sales services. before this, jinghang airport has successfully completed the light-current systems of ulan qab civil aviation airport, chongqing jiangbei international airport, wutaishan airport, liuzhou airport, qinhuangdao airport and linfen airport, which fully represented the outstanding capacity of jinghang airport in airport construction and its luban spirit.


nanjing lukou international airport

for the past years, jinghang airport has been giving play to the corporate spirit of honesty, dedication, innovation and bravery of being the first. it is specialized in the visual navigation aid engineering, airport atc engineering, light-current engineering of airport terminal, airport perimeter security and protection alarm engineering, the installation and construction of electromechanical engineering and the construction of visual navigation aid lighting engineering and communications navigation engineering of military airports. it is a professional installation and construction enterprise serving domestic civil aviation airports and military airports. more importantly, it is among four units with the airport construction airport granted by original caac.

upholding the operation concept of “being an honest enterprise and creating excellent projects” and the work style of “carefulness, meticulousness and high standards”, the company has been busy working in the airport engineering construction and airport smart power control. it has undertaken numerous airport construction projects at home and abroad: civil-aviation airport, such as beijing capital international airport, shanghai pudong international airport and hongqiao international airport; armed force airports, such as beijing nanyuan airport and beijing xijiao airport; the engineering projects of national airports in africa and asia.


partial airports co-constructed by jinghang airport

with the connectivity of global energy and the deepening of belt and road initiative, the transactions between china and countries along the line will double. in addition, the scale of demands for personnel and goods flows will be unprecedentedly high, which will create a bigger development space and opportunity for developing national and regional civil aviation transportation. based on the globalized industrial chain layout of smart energy, jinghang airport will continue implementing the development concepts of “innovation, coordination, greenness, opening and sharing”, actively embrace opportunities, pursue excellence, forge ahead and enter the fast track of industrial coordination and joint development of multiple brands. it will make new contribution to providing smarter products and mature solutions for global smart airport industry, promote the continuous healthy development of smart city and smart traffic and create more great projects.

luban prize is the highest prize for chinese construction engineering quality. even since it was established in 1987, it has won attention and affirmation from the whole society and became a symbol for outstanding projects and corporate reputation. the luban prize is reviewed once annually and given twice a year for housing engineering, public architecture engineering, industrial traffic & hydraulic engineering and municipal garden engineering.