records of 415 node project accomplished by capital airport security & prevention reconstruction project department of jinghang airport-凯发k8国际娱乐官网入口

records of 415 node project accomplished by capital airport security & prevention reconstruction project department of jinghang airport

with the care and guidance of corporate leaders at all levels, capital airport security & prevention reconstruction project department accomplished the 415 node project assigned by bcia on april 15th—upgrading the one-to-one monitoring of remote monitoring gate into the regional video image monitoring. lasting for 64 days, this project installed 105 video cameras and 9 access switches (seven were dismounted and replaced, while two were newly added), dug optical cables and laid steel pipes whose length totaled hundreds of thousands of meters, erected 13 poles with height of over 20 m and laid 250,000 meters of optical cables and network cables.


the project construction was restricted by numerous factors, including limited resources, unclear conditions on the construction site, a tight construction schedule, wide construction region, rigorous management of non-suspension construction and arduous construction tasks. with the joint efforts of the project department, the company and construction unit, the task was accomplished smoothly within node time and won good praise from party a unit.

strict construction entry and approval of construction procedures: numerous auditing departments were in charge of approving and recording the qualifications of construction personnel, construction permits, tools, material carrying permit, flame operation certificate and entry & exit examination of social vehicles. the construction plan and construction drawings were repeatedly approved. throughout the construction, 12 non-suspension construction plans and special construction plans, whose words totaled 7.45 million, and 38 special construction drawings were formulated. in the beginning of construction, there was no adequate machinery and license. hence departmental leaders searched for machinery that can be rented. sometimes, hoisting and lifting machinery cannot be rented even at a high price. through all channels, the department successfully rented over a decade types of excavators, cranes and ladder trucks of different sizes and hired two drivers working in the airport.

shortly after arriving at the airport, there was no resource available. for instance, construction personnel had no intra-field driving license and personnel could not drive to the construction zone after entering the flight zone, which caused severely slow work. without personnel certificates, each accompany personnel could only cover a small region. as the construction area was large, accompany personnel could not arrive on time at checks, which caused mark deduction. in addition, there was no intra-field vehicle, making it unable to deliver construction personnel, construction materials and equipment in time. as a result, work efficiency was low and slow work was severe. lastly, the construction team knew no acquaintances in the airport and could not find the right personnel to solve problems, which made problems increasing severe.

despite a tight construction schedule, construction was only allowed at night. to save time, all project personnel and construction workers ate and slept on the site. averagely, everyone worked for 18 hours each day. in the last week, the daily construction time reached 20 hours. some workers were so tired that they fell asleep on the ground. some workers continued working. when they sat down, they were soon asleep. in the first half a month before the 201 node and 415 node, construction personnel and project managerial staff often worked overtime into the mid-night and even throughout the day.

limited by poor conditions in the construction site, the workers and personnel of departmental project were so busy that they often had no time for a good sleep and eating. the managerial staff of the project department works rigorously and walked for 140 minutes in the vehicle-forbidden flight zone only to connect one jumper wire of the optical cable. eventually, a peanut-size blister occurred on his feet.

in the chilling winter, construction personnel needed to install equipment with bare hands, which swelled and became blackish. there was a huge temperature difference between the day and night at the airport. construction personnel had to eat and rest in the sun, with no shade to hide in. under the leadership of fengzong feng, the technology group worked overtime and even day and night to overcome technological obstacles. eventually, the group successfully set up the platform with a high quality as scheduled and connected the ice-breaking system, gis system and ntp system, laying a solid technological foundation for achieving the objective of 415 node.

despite numerous difficulties, the project department implemented its mission with hard efforts and perseverance. it is the spirit of armed force corporate advocated by our jinghang airport.