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jinghangan ingenuity to build a


on january 22nd, 2019, at 10:10 a citation 680 test flight landed smoothly on the west first runway of beijing daxing international airport, leaving the first aircraft tire marks, which meant beijing daxing international airport first field verification task was successfully completed, an indication that the construction of daxing international airport project was about to enter the acceptance handover stage.

flight calibration is a prerequisite for the opening of each new airport and a test of the completed works. flight calibration is a prerequisite for all new airports to be operational. imagine if an airport's navigation aids and communication equipment did not pass flight verification, the signal was inaccurate, and could not guarantee reliability. this would be a great risk to aircrafts since they rely on accurate navigation aids signal for improved operation safety.


the entire flight calibration covered 4 runways, 6 landing instrument systems, 7 sets of lights, 1 set of omnidirectional beacons, range finder and flight procedures. after the flight calibration is completed, it means that the flight procedures and navigation equipment of daxing international airport have the conditions for commissioning.

as an important contractor for navigation aids engineering of beijing daxing international airport, jinghangan has overcome the enormous pressure of large scale engineering, tight time schedule and heavy tasks. it lasted for 4 years and adhered to “serious, meticulous and high standards” work style. shop drawings, measurement and positioning, power station technology, lighting installation, joint production and other aspects are strictly controlled. the layout is beautiful, design is smart and significantly outstanding works. a satisfactory result has been achieved with first-class standards and first-class technology, which has been praised by north china air administration and airport command several times. effectively guaranteed quality and progress of the project construction, and ensured smooth completion of the airport project construction.


as a world-famous and highly regarded super project, beijing daxing international airport has achieved great success in its first flight check and has important historical significance. as an important participant and witness, jinghangan is both an honor and a challenger. it demonstrates the ingenuity of jinghangan in the construction of large-scale airport projects, and further consolidates the outstanding corporate brand image of jinghangan “being honest enterprise and creating quality projects”, and is committed to becoming the world's leading smart airport service provider.