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jinghangan: to be the leading enterprise in china at the forefront of “going out”.

since going abroad in 2011, beijing jinghangan airport engineering co., ltd. has been through the ups and downs of the international road for 8 years. in the past eight years, from the african region of angola, zambia, south sudan, liberia, to the asia-pacific region of maldives, sri lanka, vanuatu, nepal, etc. this professional airport engineering construction company from china uses the airport project as a platform, education and training, charity and public welfare as the base point, focusing on infrastructure interconnection, technical communication and communication exchanges, corporate social responsibility implementation, and makes overseas projects the highlight and model of "going out" for china's airport professional construction enterprises..


quality and professionalism: the leader in promoting infrastructure connectivity.

as one of the important carriers for infrastructure interconnection, the airport will have a profound impact on transportation, logistics and tourism in the region and the world, especially in non-developed areas.
it is understood that most of the 11 overseas airports that jinghangan has participated are located in underdeveloped countries and regions, including luanda international airport in angola, vilana international airport in maldives, pokhara airport in nepal, bandaranaike airport in sri lanka, vanuatuvi laguna international airport, juba airport in south sudan, roberts airport in liberia, polaroid airport in ethiopia, ndola international airport in zambia, etc. it can be said that jinghangan is the leader in promoting the first line of infrastructure interconnection.



luanda international airport in angola - the first overseas project of jinghangan.


maldives verana international airport


nepal pokhara international airport

in the eyes of jinghangan, quality is the lifeline, brand is the foothold; and the foundation of quality and brand is a thoughtful consideration for the sake of the client. this is especially true when going overseas. in maldives, when the national election was close, the jinghangan project workers worked tirelessly day and night, overtime, and finally successfully completed the runway lighting before the election;  in zambia, where the termites are rampant, jinghangan engineers specially applied anti-termite treatment in the communication cable ducts trenches; in nepal, where precipitation is the most abundant in the world, the jinghangan personnel of bokhara airport project fully coordinating and managed the progress of the project, by speeding construction in the dry season. a vivid case by case example of jinghangan craftsman spirit, quality and professionalism in the industry.


jinghangan personnel construction works in overseas project sitein fact, as a well-known enterprise in the field of airport professional engineering construction and a smart airport system solution service provider, jinghangan has a distinctive feature of going overseas – “to go out to sea” and “take goods to the sea”. "the same boat goes out to sea" is different from the "borrowing ship to the sea" of the product. it is follows china's central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other large enterprises which go abroad to carry out construction activities. “taking goods to sea" is to take china's high-quality and mature special mechanical and electrical equipment and construction technology out of thecountry, break foreign monopolies, and let the world know china's leading brands and technologies in the professional field.

it is worth mentioning that in the process of “going out” of jinghangan, its overseas projects are not limited to the “one belt, one road” project, but also the projects of the world bank and asian development bank.

value and value-added: practitioners who strengthen technical communication and humanities communication.

as long as the project is executed in other countries, it will bring about employment creation in that country to a certain extent. utilizing local human resources can not only save costs for companies or projects, but also help to achieve localization, reduce friction and risk.in the process of building overseas projects, jinghangan effectively uses local labor resources, whereby the local labor force accounts for 50%-60%. for example, in angola, an african oil rich country, the slump in oil prices has led to severe inflation and high unemployment. even the salaries of ordinary government and military personnel is only about 600 yuan a month. jinghangan provides locals with job opportunities, effectively improving the quality of life and living standards of local employees, and indirectly contributes to the reduction of unemployment rate. on the other hand, jinghangan participates in overseas airport construction projects, not only using local labor to bring jobs to the host country and improving life, but also providing professional services to foreign employees in specific work practices, education, training and upgrading skills.