jing hang 'an: carefully deployed the pre-凯发k8国际娱乐官网入口

jing hang 'an: carefully deployed the pre-job training work for graduates in 2019


on december 3, the conference room of the security organs of beijing airlines was full of seats, which was hard to find. in the thunderous applause of 34 college graduates, accompanied by the company's general manager zhang yong's forceful speech of training mobilization, the pre-job training of graduate interns in 2019 began. according to the employment demand of various departments of the company, the internship time of these graduates is from december 3, 2018 to july 30, 2019. in order to improve the quality and help interns integrate into the company environment as soon as possible, the company establishes a "pass, help, take" mentor system, and employers arrange mentors to "one-to-one" targeted tracking guidance to interns, to help interns adapt to the working environment as soon as possible.