Authors must follow the following instructions 

  1. Authors must declare that the work reported is their own and that they are the copyright owner. If required, the authors have to obtain the copyright owner’s permission for their work.
  2. Authors must declare that the submitted work and its essential have not previously been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  3. Only unpublished manuscripts should be submitted.
  4. Authors should submit the copyright declaration loaded in the journal website.
  5. Author(s) must avoid disputes over attribution of academic credit.
  6. All authors must take responsibility for the content of their paper. Disclosure of individual contributions is appreciated.
  7. Author(s) must acknowledge the sources of data used in the development of the manuscript.
  8. Author(s) should include information about the research funding in the paper they prepare for publication.
  9. Authors should inform to the Editor of the journal, if they discover errors in the published work.
  10. Authors have a right to appeal editorial decisions regarding publication of their papers.