How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield

Have you just replaced your auto windshield? You must be tense to know how you are going to take care of the new windshield. Knowing these maintenance ideas for auto motors or any devices will keep your investment good for a long time. You have to ensure you followed all the instructions that your mechanic told you when replacing a windshield. The newly replaced windshield should keep in good condition so that you could do justice to your expenses.

Here we are to help you keep your new windshield last longer by proving expert tips.

The Glance:

Did not have time to read the full blog? Don’t worry we never hate you for this. Let us help you. Here is a glance at what you can do to take care of your windshield after installation.

1. Don’t urge to drive a vehicle immediately. Give your new windshield and car some time to get along.

2. Leave the window cracked open.

3. Keep the car area clear from in and out.

4. Do not take off retention tape before your mechanic told you.

5. Skip washing and cleaning for a while. Especially the power washers.

6. Don’t stress just go easy on the new windshield.

The first hour after a replacement

Is not it daunting to hear? I know how nervous you are after just getting windshield surgery. But I think you should be nervous. Because you just paid hundreds of dollars for your car so it is normal to worry about how you are going to deal with it. The first few hours after a windshield replacement is critical. Follow the instructions and protect it.

Wait to drive

Not only the chip and crack repair at home but also the professional windshield replacement need an adhesive to hold the auto glass in right place. It makes the base strong and creates a waterproof seal around it. So the adhesive needs quite some time to set and dry.

For the best results, we suggest our customers wait for a minimum of one hour to drive the vehicle after an installation. Our technicians will remind you of this and recommend the best time to drive back your vehicle.

After the wait and getting into the vehicle, take a quick scan if there are any glass pieces or shards left over from the old windshield. Our technicians check for leftover glass pieces and clean them for returning the vehicle. However, being careful is always good.

After a day or two

Instructions to follow after 24 to 48 hours of replacement are below.

Keep car area clean

Make sure nothing adheres to the seal to push up. Don’t use any exterior cover on a vehicle on the first day after an installation. Also, avoid using sunshade inside the windshield.

Leave the window cracked open

As the seal dries, surrounding air pressure may put extra stress on it. It sometimes causes leaks. To avoid this risk, leave a window rolled down for an inch. Never forget to follow this after 24 hours of installation.

Don’t take off the retention tape

Most windshield replacements use retention tape to molding on the windshield to assure the adhesive seal is protected. It may look add but it is advisable to leave the tape in place for at least two days after an installation.

Say no to washing

The new molding should keep out moisture to settle properly. So avoid high-pressure car washes, power washers, and auto car washers for the first two days after installation.

Do not stress new windshield

Avoid putting unwanted stress on the adhesive in the windshield. Open and close the car doors gently (this is better to follow all the time). Don’t take the vehicle in poor road conditions.

Follow the above instructions to keep your new windshield in good condition.

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